The Swift was designed in 1940. The 85 hp GC-1A Swift advertised as the “All Metal Swift” received its type certificate on 7 May 1946. Two prototypes were built but essentially, the design remained the same as the type entered production. Globe built about 408 GC-1As.

Later that year, the Swift received a more powerful engine of 125 hp (93 kW), making it the GC-1B. Globe, together with TEMCO, built 1093 before shutting Swift production down permanently in 1951.

3160 TT Since New
735 SMOH (Continental O-300D 145)
Val 760 Com
KT-76A Transponder/Encoder
Fiberglass cowl
Sold with fresh annual
All Logs Since New

PAINT: White/Red/Black -7

INTERIOR: Blue Leather / Black Carpet – 7

PRICE: $39,500 Price Reduced! $29,750